The Best Piano Player in Europe

Snorri Ásmundsson is one of a kind and a dear friend. This guy ran for president in Iceland, is searching for a dead body to dance with and continuously shakes things up in Iceland and worldwide with his art. He came to visit us in Berlin as he is touring Europe with his performance on the piano. He acclaims to be the best pianist in Europe and we agree. Here is a video I made about him:


Hitchhiking in Iceland

Because summer is here (well not really in Iceland, but coming soon) we wanted to blog about our roadtrip in Iceland last summer, that was a good exercise in adjusting and traveling slow. We spontaniously decided to hitchhike to the east side of the country from Laugarvatn to Egilsstaðir where Dagný´s family lives. It´s supposed to be a 8 hour drive. We where not prepared at all, we took a tent with us (witch we lost on the way), a pillow, some peanut butter and rice cakes. It was a sunny day so we didn´t realize how cold it would get in the night and that nothing was open after 9PM in the country side.

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Right Effort in Reykjavik

After our adventures in India we came back to Iceland in january full of energy and inspiration. We wanted to come back to Iceland with Buddha’s concept of Right Effort in mind. So we have tried to create conditions that might lead to more adventures and good things in the future. We both went head first working hard on projects we love & working on ourselves spiritually and creatively but forgot to blog about it 🙂

Because we haven’t blogged since january here is what we´ve been up to:

David has been:

– Filming different projects, like this one here for Icelandic Writers Retreat:

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During my time in Goa I visited an open studio for a month to work on various projects. This studio is called GoArt. I was so fascinated with it´s concept, to open up your home as a studio and gallery for artists. I decided to interview my dear friend Karen Naim, the founder of GoART. She is a powerful woman that has dedicated her time and space to teach and inspire people to create. If you like the video, please share and you might inspire someone to follow their dreams!


It was refreshing to touch down in East London which is arguably home of the hipsters.  The alternative vibe and creativity is evident in East London and after spending time in India, the land of the hippies I started wondering if there was any similarity with hippies and hipsters.

The hippies stood for love and peace (some of them at least) so I went on the streets in East London to find out what a hipster is and what they stand for.

Enjoy and share this street knowledge to the world if you like……


For us it´s all about the people we meet on the road. India is a place to explore yourself and in Goa people are exceptionally open and experimental with their lives. It seemed that everybody has a talent, hidden or not.  You sometimes find yourself in a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you just met. Here are only few of the people we had the privilege of getting to know, that influenced and inspired us:

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Being stressed out is like being on a fast train, the scenery around us eventually fades out and becomes abstract lines of green and blue. But if the train slows down a bit you can enjoy the scenery, you actually see the trees, animals, farmers and the small details around you.

India has taught us to slow down. Everything takes longer time here. And I mean that, an indian hour can mean a half a day. People take their time here and that has taught us a new level of patience. Recently we have been practicing slowing down in a more conscious way with these three methods:

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In India you can find a lot of interesting people with fascinating stories. But I believe only few times in one´s lifetime you come across extraordinary people like Elio. I´ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know him and to frequently visit his beautiful home in Goa to discuss yoga, Indian philosophy and life in general.

Elio is a philosopher, artist and a naturopath and his life story and experiences are profound  and it´s impossible to pack it into a 4 minute video but here are glimpses into Elio´s life and his view on traveling, money and relationships.

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Something special can happen when you spend every waking moment with people that you just met, and for a whole month! The group in the Yoga teacher training, the students, assistants and teachers were all very different personalities but sharing the same goal, trying to deepen our existence and purpose in life with yoga. We became a tight international family that I am lucky to be apart of, and am now saying goodbye to until next time!

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We are starting a series of interviews called “My Way” with interesting and inspiring individuals that we meet on our way. We will be asking them about their passions and lifestyle choices.

First up is the cool cat Casino who has become good friend of ours here in India. He´s a traveling soul, yoga teacher, photographer and the founder of the very cool

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