We are starting a series of interviews called “My Way” with interesting and inspiring individuals that we meet on our way. We will be asking them about their passions and lifestyle choices.

First up is the cool cat Casino who has become good friend of ours here in India. He´s a traveling soul, yoga teacher, photographer and the founder of the very cool

6 responses to MY WAY – CASINO

  1. Esther

    Well done David! I love what he says about community… That is how I feel at the moment.
    Oh and it was lovely to hear the dub thrown in!

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  2. This is a wonder series! ❤ Great interview, awesome video quality and lovely music!!! The interview was absolutely inspiring! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!!! 😉


  3. So glad that you liked my post. So excited to see more about what you do. I really enjoyed this first installment. 😀 Great film making btw!


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