Something special can happen when you spend every waking moment with people that you just met, and for a whole month! The group in the Yoga teacher training, the students, assistants and teachers were all very different personalities but sharing the same goal, trying to deepen our existence and purpose in life with yoga. We became a tight international family that I am lucky to be apart of, and am now saying goodbye to until next time!

These are the beacons of light, the new yogis that will now be sharing yoga with the world. They are strong, kind, adventurous and incredibly funny! Anyone would be lucky to learn from them!

FROM: England BASE: London
BEFORE TRAINING: Head of PR for Hunger magazine & Rankin photography
WHY YOGA?: Every day on the mat is a different journey
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Finally sit down on an actual chair!
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Living in the present moment… so ask me then!

FROM: Canada BASE: New Zealand
WHY YOGA: It threads in everything I do and keeps me balanced and growing
FAVORITE TOPIC: Chakras, Yamas & Niyamas
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Go hiking and camping in New Zealand
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Mommy, teacher of yoga and maybe involved in a wellness center.

FROM: England BASE: Brighton
BEFORE TRAINING: Stuck to a desk 9-5, but I escaped!
WHY YOGA: It makes me feel good
FAVORITE TOPIC: Japa meditation & Chakras
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Sleep! See my girlfriend and explore India.
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Traveling and running yoga retreats
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FROM: Russia BASE: Dubai
BEFORE TRAINING: Marketing manager
WHY YOGA: It is a path to my inner self
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Have a glass of wine!
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Art and yoga teacher. Be a mommy of 2 and exhibit my artwork.

FROM: England BASE: London
BEFORE TRAINING: Working in finance and Bikram yoga teacher
WHY YOGA: Gives me clarity of mind and body
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Digest all the info that I learned in the course and spend time with loved ones
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Doing what I love for a living!

FROM: Canada BASE: Earth:)
BEFORE TRAINING: International primary school teacher
WHY YOGA: Health, self discovery, presence, happiness
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Go to Canada and then Mexico!
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Living in a conscious community teaching yoga to people of all types in my own space with like minded peeps.

And finally I, DAGNÝ (in the middle with our wonderful teachers). Super grateful to all the guys above!
FROM: Iceland BASE: Reykjavik
BEFORE TRAINING: Editor of and freelance writer
WHY YOGA: It helps me be better
AFTER THE TRAINING I WILL: Travel around Goa on a scooter and take some surf lessons
5 YEARS FROM NOW I WILL BE: Writing, sharing yoga and finishing a documentary

19 responses to NEW YOGIS BORN

  1. Esther

    I love the looks on everyone’s faces. I can see the confidence and calm joy at the core! Have fun sleeping in for a few days. Congrats on completing a hard core investment in yourself!
    Xoxo E

    Liked by 2 people

  2. it’s comforting and interesting to read that the future teachers share similar interests that i as a student do- knowing that they are too just children of the universe which they will continue to explore, enjoy and celebrate! congrats, namaste!


  3. This interests me ever such a lot and makes me think about the differences between me and my husband of 25 years. I am spiritual – have trained as a Humanistic Counsellor, connected fully with my inner self and live as conscious a life as possible.
    He is a very physical man who gets up to work every day. Is not open to the inner self and has no interest at all in self exploration. People are so interesting don’t you think!


      • davidrafn – Author

        Takk elsku Erna mín. Ég og Dagný bidjum að heilsa ollum í Florida. Heryumst vonandi á skype yfir hátiðirnar…. Gleðileg Jól!


  4. What a wonderful adventure for our Daughter Melissa and her best travelling buddy Andrea you were able to provide for them.I am sure this experience will take their remarkable lives to an entirely new level.

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    • davidrafn – Author

      Mel and Andrea are wonderful people…..We were so glad to get to know them and we are convinced we have to come see Canada at one point. Happy Holidays!


  5. Bodhi Clown

    So interesting to see where the participants in the class came from, literally & figuratively, & what they plan to do with the yoga experience. Thanks! And thanks too for following my blog!


  6. such a great bunch of shinny souls. loved the interviews.. thanks for sharing… made me smile and its so warms the heart to see yogis putting in the time and effort to personally evolve and give themselves to teaching others 🙂


  7. This is so heartwarming and pulls on my own heartstrings! How beautiful for people from everywhere to come together to share a part of their journey within. I had a similar experience in Northern California for a month with strangers at a yogic community. My time spent there and with those enlightened individuals will forever be with me and keep me growing. 🙂


  8. I strongly believe; people come together for a reason, and it has it’s basis in spirit, not in culture, or creed, or even economic capacity. We will meet; who we’re supposed to, when the time is right.
    Thank you for the visit and the follow. Travel safe 🙂


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