In India you can find a lot of interesting people with fascinating stories. But I believe only few times in one´s lifetime you come across extraordinary people like Elio. I´ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know him and to frequently visit his beautiful home in Goa to discuss yoga, Indian philosophy and life in general.

Elio is a philosopher, artist and a naturopath and his life story and experiences are profound  and it´s impossible to pack it into a 4 minute video but here are glimpses into Elio´s life and his view on traveling, money and relationships.

Enjoy and share it with the world if you like!

13 responses to MY WAY – ELIO

    • davidrafn – Author

      Yes sadly the sound quality is not super but with earphones it should be ok. I could easily hear it…. Hope it works for you….. I´ll learn from my mistakes and shall put more effort into sound quality in next videos 🙂


  1. This video is fabulous. I could spend hours listening to Elio and the world so needs to hear him and his message. Thank you again Davidrafn. I’m so glad I found you and Dagny and There is Another Way!


  2. Tam Peirce

    Elio has a thoughtfulness and a calm that many of us certainly could do with . Lovely to see and hear him this way . Thank you.


  3. Thank you for sharing this. I think Elio has got it pretty spot on. Interesting idea about about relationships being the meaning of life. It made me think about the way I interact in relationships and perhaps I should put more in and start looking outward at other people, rather than always how I feel or what I want. It sounds obvious, and shameful to admit but maybe not practiced as much as it should be. Goes along with the idea that money should be shared to do good, for kindness. Imagine if more people who have lots lived with that view. What would our world be like?
    Again, thank you for sharing this.
    Luna x

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  4. Karen Naim

    David and Elio, I miss you guys at this moment so much. I am greatfull again we had had this precious time together at Arambol and GoART.


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