Being stressed out is like being on a fast train, the scenery around us eventually fades out and becomes abstract lines of green and blue. But if the train slows down a bit you can enjoy the scenery, you actually see the trees, animals, farmers and the small details around you.

India has taught us to slow down. Everything takes longer time here. And I mean that, an indian hour can mean a half a day. People take their time here and that has taught us a new level of patience. Recently we have been practicing slowing down in a more conscious way with these three methods:


Silence is the new sound. Vipassana retreats (10 days in silence) are popping up all over the world, which might tell us that the world needs more quiet time. Silent mornings showed me how much of what I say is just to fill up space. So much has no meaning. I was also reminded of the power of words, how much they can hurt and how much joy they can bring. When you are in silence you slow down enough to notice your thinking patterns. And when you see the little monsters in your mind you can catch them before you express them!


This a weird one I know. But don’t judge before you try it! In the training we were all blindfolded doing different practices (no, not the ones your thinking of). Just by being in the dark, dancing in the dark and communicating in the dark naturally slows everything down. I experienced a sense of freedom when my brain was not judging everything by its cover and comparing me constantly to other people. In this state you have no option but to slow down (so you don’t hurt yourself!), be present and experience your other senses more fully. For example good music becomes even better. So, what about taking a blindfolded Tuesday night at home? Anyone?


David was barefoot in Goa for 4 months last season and is still going strong. Being barefoot is one of the most effective way to get grounded and slow down. You have to watch out for every stone, glass and garbage on your way. And that turns walking into a mindful act. After a while you start knowing that there is a stone coming up or glass without even looking down, its like your caveman intuition is activated. And why go for a foot massage when you can walk barefoot?

15 responses to THE STRESS EXPRESS

  1. Esther

    Just the tone I needed, as I sit here with my tea waiting for my little boys to wake up and a busy family day to begin! Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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  2. I don’t know why, but the part in “barefoot” about knowing where the stones and glass are ahead of time: it made me think that the reason that we stress out is just so that we can feel that we’re in control, when if we’d just slow down enough so that the world could prepare for our passing, it would really enjoy helping us on our journey. It’s almost like it has no way of knowing how to feel good except through us, and it would guard and protect that feeling in us, but we keep on beating it down so that we can “be in charge.”

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  3. mmm, yes. I love going barefoot! Slowing down is difficult, but so worth the effort.
    Great post, and thanks for the add! I look forward to reading more 🙂


  4. I loved this read. I am at stage in my life where I am struggling to comprehend the gluttony that is going on around me. Everything seems louder and more garish. Slowing down is wonderful, hard to do, but wonderful.

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  5. Wonderful! The bit with the words is especially pertinent. In a world full of useless noise and where shouting above the others is considered to be the norm and a form of dominance in a MIne is bigger than yours way – Silence is a much needed, rare and precious treat!

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  6. I so love this post!! I’ve been on two yoga retreats with days of silence and I so adore my barefoot meditation walks or eyes-closed yoga practice. What a wonderful, exhilarating & mindful experience you two are having. All the best in the new year ~ Laura


  7. Great tips!! Yeah, I definitely need to slow down too.. I am a very impatient person, I could really use some of the tips above! Hmm.. I wonder if I can cook blindfolded too? Thanks for this post! Love it!


  8. corajem

    Your writing offers a different perspective for even us Indians. It shows the incredible difference in the mindsets of various nationalities but at the same time the deep understanding and respect for one another’s culture.
    Keep up the good work!


  9. Katie_King

    Nothing feels better than walking barefoot through soft grass or wet sand! I spent just about every moment I could as a kid barefoot playing by myself (no siblings until I was 7!). I like all these suggestions – alone time is a big one for me. I get so overstimulated constantly being with people – I need quiet, barefoot, alone time to slow my racing mind. 🙂


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