For us it´s all about the people we meet on the road. India is a place to explore yourself and in Goa people are exceptionally open and experimental with their lives. It seemed that everybody has a talent, hidden or not.  You sometimes find yourself in a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you just met. Here are only few of the people we had the privilege of getting to know, that influenced and inspired us:

logiLogi. A French/Icelandic filmmaker who made the short film Gravity which was screened at various film festival. He was a big part of our time in Goa, an overall great guy. He is traveling with his girlfriend and son in India and is currently writing a new script. Watch out Hollywood!

yogaRa Dasi. She came to Dagný´s first ever yoga class with her wonderful energy and then Dagný went to hers. She is a charming warm yogini that has these amazing empowering workshops for women all over. ChristianChristian is a pistol. I mean he is literally upside down most of the time. He travels the world and teaches a handstand yoga workshop which actually teaches you to do handstands in only one day! He is probably now in Gokarna eating fruit and watching the sunset upside down.ShaunaSeana. She was one of the assistants in the teacher training and what a WOMAN! I mean she has superpowers. She has the energy of ten people and we believe she can move mountains. If you have the chance to go to her yoga class, you SHOULD!  jaraJara. The amazing Icelandic talent. She recently released the album Pale Blue Dot which we now listen to on repeat. Jara is curios, super relaxed and isn´t afraid to go her own ways. We can´t wait to see what does next. baba jiBabaji. His real name might not be Babaji but there´s a reason why people called him that in Goa. He was wearing that smile 24/7 and he was a constant reminder to be happy with what you have and to smile at the world. SapirSapir.  She´s 22 years old and left her home to explore the world and her creativity without any plan. She´s an amazing singer that lives in a studio called GoART. She begins and ends her day doing some form of art and her voice is of another world. úlfurÚlfur. He´s a playful, fearless nature boy. We believe he gets all his power from the Indian monkey god Hanuman, his favorite one. He can turn a regular afternoon at the beach into an adventure.

jornJorg Thomas. Is a super nice guy from Germany that also lives in the GoART studio. Its his seventh time in India and he believes that it is the most spiritual place in the world. He practices his hang throughout the day and plays beautifully for the artists around. Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetEpsen. The Norwegian Goa specialist. He has come to Goa season after season for years. He is a special mix. He loves techno, gourmet food and mind expansion activities. He gave us a lot of tips about Goa and was always always spot on! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetThe Jungle Babas. They live without any modern comfort in the jungle under a tree. They spent their days drinking tea, bathe in the spring and sing songs to the gods. They don´t need a lot to entertain themselves but this baba for sure knows what time it is (See fancy watch).

LisaLiza. The masseuse with the magic hands. She is from Portland but has now moved to India to follow her passions. She also taught Dagný anatomy in the training, and has the talent to make even bones and joints interesting!

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11 responses to PEOPLE OF SOUTH INDIA

  1. Anatha Attar

    So great! I love you for sharing the individual souls that you meet on your travels. They are all so precious, beautiful and talented!

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  2. I am the teacher.

    If the picture of the Baba is from Arambol then I was experiencing part of my enlightenment in this forest doing meditation there in solitude.

    I advised one Baba to teach people that washing with sand should be done in the sea and rinsing the salt water can be done in the stream.

    Respect the holy nature and keep the forest clean, also from noise unless organised on specific times by the Babas! Noise may sometimes disturb attempts to reach enlightenment.


  3. Interesting post, but it tells me more about the reasons why Western people flock to India than about India and its people. But I must admit one of my favourite places I have visited in Kerala so far is Varkala as it a place to meet like-minded Westerners who are visiting India for a multitude of reasons, many of them to experience meditation and yoga, and to escape the cold weather in Europe and North America… By the way I am not into meditation and yoga and am here as a teacher working in a school helping with ‘Spoken English’.

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  4. Wow, this is an amazing compilation of such inspiring and simple people. I too think the best part of travelling is getting a glimpse of the lives led by people very different from us. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I spent 3-months in South India. I know its pathos and its joy. So glad you had a chance to live there and let the vibes sink in deep … and in India, as you know, everything is deep.



    Some truly beautiful work of art you have share here my friend. Thank you for inviting me in, and thank you for following the work we are doing here at the VABWM. Please click here and receive my personal welcome message.


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