It was refreshing to touch down in East London which is arguably home of the hipsters.  The alternative vibe and creativity is evident in East London and after spending time in India, the land of the hippies I started wondering if there was any similarity with hippies and hipsters.

The hippies stood for love and peace (some of them at least) so I went on the streets in East London to find out what a hipster is and what they stand for.

Enjoy and share this street knowledge to the world if you like……

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  1. It seems to me a hipster and hippie are two ends of a spectrum. Being a hipster means standing for fashion and what’s popular now…a hippie has almost no regard for fashion. A hipster thinks about “the self…and individuality” whereas the hippie thinks about community and world peace. A hipster is fashion over emotion, a hippie is emotion over fashion.

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  2. mishedup

    Love this.
    I agree with the idea of hippie and hipster at two ends of the spectrum.
    But then, I was, and still am, a hippie I find the whole self absorbed hipster way a bit appalling. Until I think of me in my late teens and early twenties, long hair, no bra, sex and pot and free! Free! Free!…. and right in your face, yes?

    every decade has it’s thing, and as self centered as we all are we are quick to look down on a younger generation’s manifestation. I have a 22 year old son who is aggressively anti-hipster, it makes me laugh. He is a chef…no time for hipsters or hippies or any of that…the world is his oyster and he doesn’t want to be categorized.

    I admire you and Dagny for heading out and following your own dreams….that’s why I love your website and follow you. That;s why i love my son too….
    no categories.
    Just living.

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    • Esther

      I like what Mishedup said! I would also like to throw in that it is easy for us humans to spot certain traits in others but hard to see them in our self. I think that there are just as many hipsters who would prejudge the hippies as easily as a hippie can prejudge a hipster. That’s why Mishedup’s son doesn’t want to be catergorized!

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  3. Jimmy Lem

    Nice clip –

    Hippies in the mid-60’s were seen as “hipster wannabes” in terms of San Francisco for instance. You can drop in the words “beat” or “beatnik” as a more popular term for this 50’s version of the hipster. Their culture seemed to derive from various art, literature and music scenes going back at least to the opening of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi in 1896…through the Cabaret Voltaire scene during WWI…etc. And this alternative hippie culture of the 60’s in turn influenced every underground rock music scene since – DIY, punk, indie, hardcore, post-punk, etc. As the 90’s rolled in, metal and dance music also were melded into the culture – leading to things like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails and a more commercially promoted and recognized scene.

    The more recent hipster characterization seems to come from a popular recognition of something I noticed back in the indie post-hardcore days of the late 80’s…there was some elitism and some “I liked that band before you knew about them” lurking around the college radio station halls…couple that together with a more consumer and iphone oriented culture and you’ve essentially got the hipster stereotype.

    But like the hippies of yore, I’d hesitate to use labels, generalizations and categories to describe people – especially based on their purchasing of music or clothes or what sort of books or films they liked. People are more than their purchases after all.


  4. I’m too sure there’s a connection between hipsters and hippies? That said, it was way before my time! With hipsters, from experience they’re usually all for individuality and arrogant on their opinions of fashion, politics, music, art you name it.


  5. kaiteking

    Love it. Some of this was hilarious! I didn’t know the hipster “scene” started in East London. In America, as far as I understand it, the hipster way is about meshing trends of the past with technology of today. Tweeting a new outfit made up of consignment store vintage apparel. Blogging about making your own micro-brews on ancient stills.
    It’s also portrayed as going against the grain for the sake of going against the grain. Completely superficial tastes with the sole purpose of winning some kind of cosmic award for being the only person to like this, do this, where this, live here, etc.

    Purely for its satirical hillarity… when I think of hipsters I think of
    Portlandia, Dream of the 1890’s:

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  6. Timantha Norman

    The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn is fast approaching the title of having the largest “hipster” population by far…


  7. Great vid. Pleasingly, only one of your interviewees used the hugely annoying informal adverb “like”

    I have no idea what a hipster is. Which I think, makes me rather hip


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