During my time in Goa I visited an open studio for a month to work on various projects. This studio is called GoArt. I was so fascinated with it´s concept, to open up your home as a studio and gallery for artists. I decided to interview my dear friend Karen Naim, the founder of GoART. She is a powerful woman that has dedicated her time and space to teach and inspire people to create. If you like the video, please share and you might inspire someone to follow their dreams!

24 responses to OPEN STUDIO: GoART

  1. Katie_King

    She’s so inspiring! I’d love to open a free studio if we ever get into the right space. It’s really expensive to rent a studio space and not many apartments have good light or a place you don’t have to worry about not getting messy. Loving the series, guys!


    • Karen Naim

      yes Katie_king it is true, many obsticles on the way… checking us how badly we really want it. Thats why I chose India for the start, It is mmore easy and much cheaper. Good Luck! Yes you can (:


  2. princezzpinkz

    Thank you for following my blog – yours is wonderful. I came across your blog and was wondering if you wanted to feature on a new blog that I will be starting once i get enough stories to create the blog. It will be a blog about real bloggers & their stories it’s a similar take on the “humans of” pages but this one will be specifically for bloggers with your permission of course. now you can tell me whatever it is about yourself that you want the world to know I will then edit the story and place it on the blog page with your choice of photo and a optional message for how bloggers can follow your blog. for more details you can simply reply to this or email me at
    Thank You
    xox Princezz Pinkz


  3. I love this idea. Isn’t it sad many of us reach a certain age that we think we’re too old for art? Art should always be a part of who we are! Sometimes we just need an outlet – or an advocate.


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