Right Effort in Reykjavik

After our adventures in India we came back to Iceland in january full of energy and inspiration. We wanted to come back to Iceland with Buddha’s concept of Right Effort in mind. So we have tried to create conditions that might lead to more adventures and good things in the future. We both went head first working hard on projects we love & working on ourselves spiritually and creatively but forgot to blog about it 🙂

Because we haven’t blogged since january here is what we´ve been up to:

David has been:

– Filming different projects, like this one here for Icelandic Writers Retreat:

– Writing a script for a short film that he will shoot this summer with a team of talents.

– Applying for film schools in Berlin and got into two schools!

– Got a book publishing deal in England for a novel he has been writing for 6 years (stay tuned for more)

Dagný has been:

– Managing a meditation festival around Reykjavík called Friðsæld í febrúar (e. Peaceful february)


– Teaching yoga for free!

– Working for a magazine, writing about yoga, sustainability and health.

So the next chapter is moving to Berlin in September and we want to reawaken the blog to show you that amazing city and surely we will find people doing things in a different way. But until then – summer in Iceland!


6 responses to Right Effort in Reykjavik

  1. Esther

    Sounds great! I am excited for you guys! Can not wait to hear about Berlin.
    Oh, and I love the photo at the top of the post! It says so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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