Hitchhiking in Iceland

Because summer is here (well not really in Iceland, but coming soon) we wanted to blog about our roadtrip in Iceland last summer, that was a good exercise in adjusting and traveling slow. We spontaniously decided to hitchhike to the east side of the country from Laugarvatn to Egilsstaðir where Dagný´s family lives. It´s supposed to be a 8 hour drive. We where not prepared at all, we took a tent with us (witch we lost on the way), a pillow, some peanut butter and rice cakes. It was a sunny day so we didn´t realize how cold it would get in the night and that nothing was open after 9PM in the country side.

Anyways, one and a half day later we finally reached our destination hungry but happy. If you do different things you meet different people. So 10 cars later we ended up meeting Örn the horror movie screenwriter, the old couple that where celebrating there 55 year anniversary, bunch of nice French people, all the happy people from Switzerland, Gísli the sailor, couple from Brazil/France (which we are still in touch with), The pest control officer from Selfoss, and the farmer from Stafafell. Thanks for giving us a ride!

We had many hours to kill while waiting for the few cars actually on the road in Iceland. So we found some activities. If you are bored:

We tried out different poses to get peoples attention, "the stretcher" was working well

STRETCH! We tried out different poses to get peoples attention, “the stretcher” was working well


TALK TO THE ANIMALS! These spoke only danish

PLAY THE SHADOW GAME! Its fun for like 12 seconds.

PRETEND TO HAVE A BABY: you get more rides;)

PLAY THE CUPCAKE GAME: how many cupcakes can you find in nature?

Anyways, we recommend that you try hitchhiking in Iceland!

5 responses to Hitchhiking in Iceland

  1. Esther

    Lol! I love how your summer lets you wear hats and jackets! I’ll think of it fondly when July arrives around here.


    • davidrafn

      Haha yes we didn´t manage to hit a T-Shirt weather……it´s like 3/365 chance of that 🙂


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