In India you can find a lot of interesting people with fascinating stories. But I believe only few times in one´s lifetime you come across extraordinary people like Elio. I´ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know him and to frequently visit his beautiful home in Goa to discuss yoga, Indian philosophy and life in general.

Elio is a philosopher, artist and a naturopath and his life story and experiences are profound  and it´s impossible to pack it into a 4 minute video but here are glimpses into Elio´s life and his view on traveling, money and relationships.

Enjoy and share it with the world if you like!



Something special can happen when you spend every waking moment with people that you just met, and for a whole month! The group in the Yoga teacher training, the students, assistants and teachers were all very different personalities but sharing the same goal, trying to deepen our existence and purpose in life with yoga. We became a tight international family that I am lucky to be apart of, and am now saying goodbye to until next time!

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We are starting a series of interviews called “My Way” with interesting and inspiring individuals that we meet on our way. We will be asking them about their passions and lifestyle choices.

First up is the cool cat Casino who has become good friend of ours here in India. He´s a traveling soul, yoga teacher, photographer and the founder of the very cool


It was a rainy afternoon 6 years ago when I visited a homeopathic doctor that told me I looked terrible on the inside. She told me I seriously needed to change my diet. That was my first wake up call of many in connection to food. After that I slowly started thinking more about what I ate but it took time and a lot of effort to change my unhealthy habits.

One of the best things I did in the beginning was reading and watching documentaries about health. But this also got me confused, there are so many ways out there, so what really is the best way?

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I (David) have met some amazing people in my life, and few have inspired me to the moon and back. Some of those people who have affected me the most have one thing in common, and it´s childlike qualities…..the ability to laugh (expecially at themselves), curiosity for life and the ability to play.

Why not play more? We are on this planet one time only (debatable) so is there a way and time to play a little more? No? Yes?

Anyways, here´s a video of people playing (and practicing) at the Arambol beach. Enjoy!


Remember The Karate Kid? Well I (Dagný) feel like him these days but only Mr. Miyagi is combined into a Scottish dude with long hair and Canadian yogini with a full tattooed sleeve.

The yoga teacher training is full on, 6 days a week from 6 am to 7 pm, strict diet, hours of asana, pranayama, kriyas, chanting, meditation, teachers training and talks about the philoshophy/science of yoga.

In the middle of these intense practices, when I am totally exhausted and on the verge of giving up I have some inspiring teachers in front of me that have done some intense practices and have wild stories to tell..

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After being on the road with no routine at all we´ve now settled down in Goa. Dagný has started her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training and is following a strict routine while I (David) have all the time in the world, but to do what?

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